Sound Ministry

The sound tech is responsible for overseeing the sound board and separate mixes for our "house" mix (what we hear in Cuddy Hall) as well as the livestream mix, (what is heard online and outside on the big screen TV).  During service, the sound tech is typically responding to any issues that might come up, muting and un-muting microphones as needed, and starting the audio recordings of service. The first service sound tech typically arrives around 7:15am so as to adjust the mix while the worship team is practicing.  The second service sound tech doesn’t typically need to arrive as early, as most of the sound levels are already set during first service, however, it still important to arrive early enough to find out if there are any particular issues or changes in how sound will operate, such as a video announcement or unresolved sound issues from first service. The sound tech role requires some training. We have a media page with a series of in-house videos specific to our sound system and procedures. Each video is numbered.  It is best to watch the training videos in order starting with video #1- Intro to Sound Board. 

Additional Online Training

In addition to our in-house training videos above, Collaborate Worship offers online sound training for church sound tech's through a series a short, easy to understand videos.  These tutorials cover the basics of sound as well as more involved aspects of sound. You can access these videos at:

You will need Pastor Rich's email address to login ( and the password "CCFPsound."

The website is designed to resume training wherever you left off last, however, if other users are accessing the training, this feature will be of no help. Therefore, you'll want to keep track of which video, or module you watched last so you can find your own place. The videos are fairly short, so don't worry about skipping any or jumping ahead to what you'r most interested in.