service Times & Location

Sunday Morning Services begin at 8:00am & 10:30am.

Children's ministry is available during the 10:30am service.

Wednesday Night Mid-Week begins at 7pm.

(No Children's ministry available.)

Calvary Chapel Frazier Park meets at

Cuddy Hall, which is located at:

335 Lakewood Place

Frazier Park, CA 93225

What to Expect on a Sunday Morning!


We begin our service with a time of worship through music and singing. Our musical style would be appropriately defined as contemporary, whether the song itself is a modern worship song or a traditional hymn. We believe there is a proper place for up-beat worship songs, as well as slower, meditative songs that provide a more intimate worship experience.


Okay... this is where first time visitors begin to wonder if the service is over. It's great when the pastor or worship leader says, "greet the people around you." But here's the reality; our time of greeting is comparable to two long lost friends who have just been reunited. This isn't a time of shaking hands, it's hugs, it's "tell me everything that's happened since I saw you last," it's "walk with me to refill my coffee before the sermon starts," its, well... fellowship. And sometimes it feels more like an intermission that it does, "shake the hand next to you."


Our time of greeting is followed by announcements, which includes sharing some of the week's prayer requests. Then we do this thing called "prayer." We all agree that we should pray more than we do, but we think it's a good thing to actually pray as a church. It may only be a few minutes, but we pray together. Sometimes we pray in small groups of three or four, other times we all just pray individually. 


We are a Bible teaching church, and we love the Word! 95% of our Sunday morning teaching is verse-by-verse teaching, chapter-by-chapter, through the Bible. Our Sunday morning teaching isn't just a sermon, it's a Bible study, so don't leave your Bible at home.

P.S. - There's little to no cell reception in our neighborhood aside from AT&T, so if you're using a Bible app on your phone or tablet, be sure your version is actually downloaded on your device.)

If you have Children

Children's ministry is available during second service for all children, birth through sixth grade. It is our goal to provide children's ministry during service, as opposed to mere child care. An age appropriate Bible teaching is provided in each of our classes from preschool through sixth grade, along with children's worship. Children's church follows a similar order of worship as our main worship service, with the exception of few more activities such as a craft or related game. With a fun, age directed, Bible based ministry for kids, we encourage parents to take advantage of this ministry. We have found it to be fruitful for both the children and the parents alike. If however, you prefer to keep your children with you during service, please be considerate of those around you as we try to keep distraction to a minimum.


We believe giving to the Lord is not only scriptural, but also a part of personal worship. God calls us to give cheerfully, so we avoid creating any pressure that could hinder that. We do not have a designated time of collecting offerings, however any gifts to the Lord, can be placed in the offering box located near the information table at the foyer. As a visitor, please do not feel obligated to make a contribution, as we want you to be on the receiving end as our guest. As such, we would simply like to know that we have been a blessing to you during your stay with us!