Sunday Morning Live-Stream

Our Sunday Morning Service is live-streamed from 9:30am - 11:00am.

You can watch it here, or on another device by visiting www.CCFP.LIVE

For information on how to watch it from your Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Roku, visit our online service page. Recordings of prior week's services can be found in the play list at CCFP.Live or in our archive of recent teachings.

Sunday Morning Outdoors

Jesus didn't call us to live in isolation, but in community, which is one reason why navigating through Covid related restrictions are so difficult for us as believers.  While indoor services are currently restricted, we are gathering outside to watch the livestream while it's taking place inside.  Please consider joining us by bringing your lawn chair, cup of coffee, and your Bible as we worship together outdoors.  

Please practice social distancing and sit by households in the shade, or in the sun, whichever you prefer.  Singing is not prohibited outdoors, nor are face coverings required, so long as a six foot distance from others is maintained. If you're more comfortable wearing a mask during our outdoor gathering, please do so and know we want you to be and feel safe and loved as we enjoy one another.

Restrooms are available during service, however, you will need to wear a face covering and have your temperature taken by one of our servants before entering the building. Please use one of the hand sanitizer dispensers immediately before entering the restroom and immediately upon exiting. Of course you'll still want to wash your hands while you're in there!

It's not church like we've known in the past, but it is the Body of Christ meeting together, and for this we rejoice!

Meet us in the parking lot of Cuddy Hall in Lake of the Woods.

(335 Lakewood Place, 93225)

Worship in Spirit & Truth

The Lord loves music, but worship is so much more than music. Instruments and voices are mere tools made available to hearts that long to express their love, praise, and adoration to our Savior and King. Worship, by definition, has an object, and it is not us. Jesus is the object of our worship, therefore the content of our praise is about Him, directed to Him, and offered for His pleasure. In response to the woman at the well, Jesus identified two essential elements necessary to God honoring worship; it is our goal therefore to worship the Lord "In spirit and in truth." Heartfelt worship should be led by the Holy Spirit, and centered in the Truth of God's Word.


Prayer is one of the most important things we can do to strengthen our relationship with the Lord. In prayer we praise God, give thanks, intercede, and are built up. We incorporate group prayer into our Sunday morning services, as well as at our weekly mid-week fellowships.

In additional to seasonal fellowships, and annual retreats, our Women's Ministry hosts a weekly Bible Study. 

In addition to our annual men's retreat, our men's ministry hosts weekly small group studies and accountability groups.